Momma Monday


I’m giving myself a set routine- I seem to work best in that format. Please excuse all the newbie bad habits I may have as I learn how manage my bloglife. Mondays will be dedicated to me- the Momma- maybe rants, thoughts, pictures- whatever comes to mind. Tuesdays will be Zuzu’s day. Wednesday I will either try to do Cornerview when that starts back up or Wordless Wednesday- I like to take lots of pictures of flowers and a few other things so this will be my home for them. Thursdays will be dedicated to The Quail; Fridays are Favor-lit Fridays a home for my favorite poems, essays, writings, words, etc…  Saturdays are Letters to my Loves- this thought is inspired by Mallika Chopra’s book “100 Promises to my Baby”.  I’m hoping this format will help me to be thoughtful in my review of it rather then just tearing up as I try to read it. And Sundays will be my Gratitude Journal day.

If you are new here, like we are-  hop over to my “Meet the Family” page (link hidden amongst the tulips up top) and check out who we are and how we got here to date.

Carpe’ Diem

Well I’m going to get started even if it hasn’t been perfected yet. If I wait till I have all my links up and all of my history and profile complete I may waste months. So I’ll jump in for now and go back later. The Quail has a different EI- an ear infection, right on the heels of her EI visit. She spiked a fever yesterday but seems to be faring well today. Her sister, Zuzu was a generous soul in helping her get better- sharing her toys and trying to not terrorize her too very much. We are off to visit Nana & Bapa and a house full of loving relatives today. This will be the Quails first trip in the air- and with an EI to boot- here’s hoping we don’t get kicked off of the plane.