Gratitude Journal

1. sleep

2. children sleeping

3. waking and seeing everyone still asleep

4. coffee

5. a second cup of coffee

6. matching dresses

7. Lovey coming home!

8. The look on each of the girls face as it registers that Lovey is home

9. Girls Night Out & a new book to read!

10. Publix Sourdough bread

11. feeling good about the essay I wrote

12. Renee answering her door at 8am!

13. Renee being kind enough to make us all breakfast

14. An unexpected morning off, a cup of coffee, homemade bread, little kids playing together & catching up

15. a safe flight for Lovey

16. a first tooth!

17. the baby pooping without crying

18. the baby eyeing my toast

19. the baby taking it upon herself to help herself to toast, and my donut, and my lasagna, and my ice cream

20. a sweet 4 year old’s birthday party- complete with princesses & Publix cake!

21. Kathy helping to offer perspective…again

corner view: coffee companion


There really are two ways to go with this topic. First is my constant coffee companion- Lovey of course!

We are coffee  people in the most unabashed sense. We seek it out, out of necessity, out of interest, out of joy… We like it with cream, soymilk, black, iced and with turbinado sugar or simply with foam. We order it in taverns, in grocery stores, in home repair stores, in coffee shops, in airports and museums. We bring our own, we roast our own and we foam our own. We like a good cup of diner coffee as much as a rich espresso brewed up by a Florentine barrista. We mail order beans from our favorite shops around the country and the entry price into the House of Two Gables when coming to stay is a typically a pound from your local shop. Often more then a pound if you are coming from Portland, Chicago,  Madison or San Francisco in particular.

But really what first came to mind at the topic was what I typically have with my coffee. I’m a morning coffee drinker so it is typically a bowl of cereal alongside a home-brewed cup with whole milk served in my favorite mug. Stop on by- most coffee lover’s are drop by people I think- at least we are! There’s plenty to share!

To see who everyone else is sharing their coffee with start with our lovely host- Jane and travel around the world!