Fave-O-Lit Friday

Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there
~Thomas Fuller~

Quail Day: Signing Time


The more sign made a reappearance last thursday during EI! We had it months ago and then for some reason it seemed to disappear and little to no signing has continued other than the basics of up-up. Monique thought most likely it has to do with the movement towards crawling. She said children tend to get quieter and even appear to regress when they are working on major motor milestones. She said she has known many speech therapists who won’t work with children until they are walking because of the expectation that children won’t talk much until after they have mastered walking. Well, during EI Jodie was ticklin the belly of the baby and she was giggling out loud. When Jodie stopped the Quail’s eye’s trained on her in anticipation of more. When Jodie asked if she wanted more, sure enough the little fingers came together at midline, again and again and again. So very sweet. There were also a number of standing up, leaning in goopy, open-mouthed kisses after multiple requests to “Give Momma a Kiss”. It’s my favorite therapy to practice. And don’t get me wrong- that therapy is all mine!

corner view: animals!

With a moo, and a baa and a quack, quack quack come see our other furry and feathered friends!

jane, ladybug-zen, ian, bonnie, esti, sophie, cele, modsquad,

Zuzu Day

This weeks top-conversation (via the telephone):

Momma: Hi Zuzu- Momma misses you so much!

Zuzu: Momma- Daddy and I looked everywhere here for you. You aren’t here. Are you there?

Momma: Yes Zuzu- I’m there

Zuzu: Are you coming here right now?

Momma: No Zuzu, Momma has to stay there for a couple more days.

Zuzu: Uh-huh, Did you go there by airport?

Momma, No Zuzu, I went there by car.

Zuzu: Momma, did you go there by gold car?

Momma: Yes Zuzu, I drove gold car.

Zuzu: Do you have the purple spider trip picture I painted you Momma?

Momma: Yes Zuzu, I have it right here- It’s so pretty, thanks so much!

Zuzu, Uh-huhhhh…Momma I pooped in the potty. Can I have gummies?

Momma: Good job Zu! Absolutely you can have gummies!

Zuzu: Uh-huhhh, ok, actually Momma, I have to go now. Martha’s speaking right now.

Gratitude Journal

1. more more signing

2. a giggling feverish baby

3. new baby shoes

4. sparkly pink summer sandals

5. ham croquettes!

6. greek yogurt

7. the smell of spring wafting indoors

8. Game on! Sorta….

9. 7 lbs gone!

10. our first peony!

11. training for a great new job

12. reconnecting with old co-workers

13. a supportive team

14. excellent pathology reports for family and friends

15. Award miles bringing loved ones closer

16. yellow cake with caramal and ganache

17. impossible dreams from 3 year olds

18. getting to hug my familyafter an absense

19. Sweet Cyrena helping to tend the nest

20. talking on the phone to Zuzu

21. a coconut donut gift