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Gratitude Journal

1. more more signing

2. a giggling feverish baby

3. new baby shoes

4. sparkly pink summer sandals

5. ham croquettes!

6. greek yogurt

7. the smell of spring wafting indoors

8. Game on! Sorta….

9. 7 lbs gone!

10. our first peony!

11. training for a great new job

12. reconnecting with old co-workers

13. a supportive team

14. excellent pathology reports for family and friends

15. Award miles bringing loved ones closer

16. yellow cake with caramal and ganache

17. impossible dreams from 3 year olds

18. getting to hug my familyafter an absense

19. Sweet Cyrena helping to tend the nest

20. talking on the phone to Zuzu

21. a coconut donut gift


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