Momma Monday: cough, cough, sneeze, zzzzzzz……cough, sniff, wahhhh……

Momma's little caretaker

Since it is a merry holiday time one could logically expect to log on to here and see a plethera of family photos of a happy group giving thanks for their many blessings, or frolicking with friends in the lovely autumnal weather. They would be sorely disappointed. We did have a lovely holiday dinner at a dear friends house and the children ran and played and terrorized the neighbors cat. We were blessed with company from Wisconsin and California. We cooked the likes of sweet potato rolls and a sweet potato souffle and indulged in some delicious smoked ham and turkey and the tastiest carrot bake I’ve ever had. After that the dearest little Quail was struck down with a fever that fortunately has now resolved. After it left her it scurried over to me made a neat nest in my chest. So Momma has been cranky, tired, shiftless and lazy. The Momma that typically gets up at 4:30 am everyday was lucky to make it up by noon and actually managed to stay in bed past that note one day. So no lovely photos, no sweet prose. Just a few coughs and sniffles and feelings of sorriness that a perfect holiday weekend was a bit lost from it’s intentions.  Here’s hoping yours was a bit livelier. Did I mention I lost my credit card, the cat peed on the company’s bed and our internet and phone have been only intermittently working since last week?

Oh my…

Gratitude Journal

1. Old friends on a new visit

2. new friends learning to play together

3. company in our home

4. Lovey’s calmness and competence

5. an Ethic’s Bowl Team Win!

6. technology

7. the internet

8. Thanksgiving time

9. Christmas music

10. compliments unbidden

11. a hot cup of coffee early in the morning

12. seeing our new cat making herself at home

13. the ability to make milk

14. good lip closure

15. Zuzu’s good will and good cheer

16. Zuzu’s enjoyment of the simplest, most ordinary, mundane tasks- “Yes, Mama- I’ll come pick up the food with you!, Yay! We get to sweep!, Yay-hoo! Let’s make brownies!, Yes, let’s share with my friends! I’ll put out a fork for everyone!”

17. Thanksgiving with friends

18. Relatives doing well

19. sleeping in

20. a new carrot and a new sweet potato recipe- yum!

21. Peek-A-Boo!

Fave-O-Lit Friday

Poem on a Line by Anne Sexton, ‘We are All Writing God’s Poem’

by Barbara Crooker

Today, the sky’s the soft blue of a work shirt washed
a thousand times. The journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step. On the interstate listening
to NPR, I heard a Hubble scientist
say, “The universe is not only stranger than we
think, it’s stranger than we can think.” I think
I’ve driven into spring, as the woods revive
with a loud shout, redbud trees, their gaudy
scarves flung over bark’s bare limbs. Barely doing
sixty, I pass a tractor trailer called Glory Bound,
and aren’t we just? Just yesterday,
I read Li Po: “There is no end of things
in the heart,” but it seems like things
are always ending—vacation or childhood,
relationships, stores going out of business,
like the one that sold jeans that really fit—
And where do we fit in? How can we get up
in the morning, knowing what we do? But we do,
put one foot after the other, open the window,
make coffee, watch the steam curl up
and disappear. At night, the scent of phlox curls
in the open window, while the sky turns red violet,
lavender, thistle, a box of spilled crayons.
The moon spills its milk on the black tabletop
for the thousandth time.

Quail Day: She’s a busy, busy girl!

The Quail has rebounded from her bout of illnesses with vigor! She is up to a whopping 17 lbs 2 oz and 26.5 inches long. She’s up to a few new tricks as well. Last week when she made her return to Physical Therapy they managed to get her up on all fours! She held it for about 3 seconds before leap-frogging her way out of position. She smiled through the first 2 trys, reached for a toy during the third and gave an all-out, “knock-it-off” holler at the fourth. Mark the PT got the point and moved on. The next day during speech therapy she apparantly decided to show off her gross motor prowess to Miss Monique her SLP, by pushing up to standing off of my lap. Then this morning when I woke up from one of the longest bouts of sleep we, as a family, have had in the last few weeks I looked over to find her snuggled down on her belly in her co-sleeper.  This weekend Bad Mama brought her family down for a visit and the Quail was so delighted to meet Big Daddy that she waved at him! And then a second time, just in case he missed the first. At PT today with Miss Ashley, she was imitating me banging cups together well enough that she noted how well she imitates. Our girl is growing up!

The pictures above make me smile- we have similar busy-girl shots of Zuzu in the saucer. It’s so sweet to see them so fully focusedon their work.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have so very much to be grateful for in our lovely household and hope you feel the same about yours. Many blessings to all

corner view: menu al dia

Come visit!

We’ll start the day with a hot cup of coffee and treat of your choosing at The Village Baker. We all have our favorites here. For me it runs from the traditional pain au chocolat, to their chocolate rugalachs, to the raspberry coconut twists. If we get there late I almost always get a pesto pizza for lunch. The Black & White Cookies are also not to be missed. Our dear Zuzu is a fan of ordering a scone, or maybe a cinnamon roll, or perhaps an apple turnover. Lovey on the other hand is fairly set on the peach cream danish, or maybe a bear claw, but then there are the almond sticks….Just whatever you order, don’t forget to get a loaf of bread to take home. And when you order your holiday breads, danishes and bobkas; please just be sure to remember to pick them up on time…or at least remember to pick them up.

Then on to a lunch of fresh pasta at Brioso. Any of the pastas are lovely, the atmosphere charming and the free gelato for the kids, not so bad. I would avoid the Risotto though. Dear Zuzu has come to love her noodle restaurant and enjoys the adult habits of  “Cheers” with our drinks and a little dip-dip-dip with our rosemary bread.


And we’ll end the day with good company, a decent juke, an excellent selection of hand-crafted beers and a final serving of carbs at Barley’s– and if you hurry the pumpkin ales should be on tap a wee bit longer…. 

thanks for sharing your corner view!

Zuzu Day: Ballerina in Training

The highlight of Zuzu’s week is definitely going to dance class. She is clear that Wednesday is Dance class day. She gets up and starts talking about her leotard, her tu-tu, her tights and dance shoes. She debates pig or ponytails, a headband or clip, Hello Kitty necklace and bracelet versus the silver dance shoes bracelet. She knows she gets dressed for dance class and ready to go at home and brings her school clothes to change into once she is done. She goes to school and rides on the KSA bus with Ms. Miranda or Ms. Tandria with approximately 7 other little girls from school. She is the only one from her class. Miss Fain has been teaching dance for over 30 years in our neck of the woods. She has her own School of Dance and is quite fit herself. Her assistant Miss Trish is equally kind and tells me how precious they find our dear Zuzu. In swim class there was an ongoing issue of Zuzu wanting to get out of class towards the end and have Momma come get her. It worked once by telling her teacher she had to go potty and since no one wants the pool heated a little extra they take no chances. So it quickly became a pattern with each of the last few classes.

Well dance class is different. School takes Zuzu there. And Zuzu- well as much of a wildflower as I find her- she is a very good listener to her teachers. A couple of Wednesdays ago I had the day off; well it was Veteran’s day- so work was closed. We had a slew of appointments for the day including a lunch with the local moms at our delish Brioso, a photography session with a favorite mom and a pediatrician follow-up on the Quail’s pneumonia. But my true delight for the day was getting to sneak into Zuzu’s dance class and capture her in action. Above are a few of the fun moments. We also got our notice for the spring recital. May 15- mark your calendars! It’s in a professional auditorium that seats a crew. There will be professional costumes along with professional photographs earlier that spring. Let’s pray the growth spurt happens before the measurements are taken!

All in all, it was a lovely day and seeing Zuzu listen to her teachers so well, enjoy the activity and dance along warmed my heart. She is so lovely & amazing, that Zuzu of mine. How did I ever get so lucky?