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corner view: menu al dia

Come visit!

We’ll start the day with a hot cup of coffee and treat of your choosing at The Village Baker. We all have our favorites here. For me it runs from the traditional pain au chocolat, to their chocolate rugalachs, to the raspberry coconut twists. If we get there late I almost always get a pesto pizza for lunch. The Black & White Cookies are also not to be missed. Our dear Zuzu is a fan of ordering a scone, or maybe a cinnamon roll, or perhaps an apple turnover. Lovey on the other hand is fairly set on the peach cream danish, or maybe a bear claw, but then there are the almond sticks….Just whatever you order, don’t forget to get a loaf of bread to take home. And when you order your holiday breads, danishes and bobkas; please just be sure to remember to pick them up on time…or at least remember to pick them up.

Then on to a lunch of fresh pasta at Brioso. Any of the pastas are lovely, the atmosphere charming and the free gelato for the kids, not so bad. I would avoid the Risotto though. Dear Zuzu has come to love her noodle restaurant and enjoys the adult habits of  “Cheers” with our drinks and a little dip-dip-dip with our rosemary bread.


And we’ll end the day with good company, a decent juke, an excellent selection of hand-crafted beers and a final serving of carbs at Barley’s– and if you hurry the pumpkin ales should be on tap a wee bit longer…. 

thanks for sharing your corner view!

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