corner view: music

We love music in our house. Not that any of us are emblazoned with a particular talent- other than keen ears at this time. Pre-kiddos Lovey and I enjoyed many a night at small venues listening to our favorite groups and when we were at home a record, a cd or the radio was almost always on. We’ve moved on somewhat with the times and tend to stream most of our music nowadays as our collections line the walls. Zuzu enjoys physical movement to music and most kids tunes. Her sister, is quite happy with the grown-up tunes and an offer of a slow dance. Either and any way- nothing fills a home quite like the music of a family.

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Mommaday: The illusion of a daily momma-blogger…

I’m going to tell on myself here and assume it won’t change your opinion of me. I don’t really blog daily. I blog on weekends. When the children sleep. And I’m at home and not too overwhelmed by Mt. Washmore. We had the good fortune this year to spend Labor Day weekend at Edisto Beach in South Carolina with two of our favorite families. It was a lovely break full of food, fun, beach and sun. When we returned we had baby birthday parties and a mountain trek to make and needless to say my weekends in September haven’t been devoted to the blog. Rest assured though, when my fingertips aren’t attached to a keyboard, they are attached to a point-and-shoot so there will be baby beach pictures galore for the week. And then back to regular programming thereafter, just in time for October’s celebration of National Down syndrome Awareness month where we participate with our bloggy pals in 31 for 21. Check back starting October 1st for a panorama of the Quail! And of course her big sister turns a shining 5 years old next month- so there will be many more celebrations to document as well. Happy week y’all!

sunday still life

Sunday Still Life is an evolving photo project started by Erin. It’s an invitation to explore the beauty and depth of life through traditional still life composition and / or photos and words to evoke inner stillness and reflection. If you feel so inspired, join in!

Zuzu seems to have been born a grown up. While she’s big on playing, her play has always been in imitation of her grown ups. This is just one more example. We had a sewer repair need that Lovey in all his Renaissance Man style, was able to fix on his own. While he worked, Zuzu went hunting for her tool kit and set to match him turn for turn.


1. summer travels being over

2. getting your house picked up

3. new classes for the kiddos

4. Zuzu getting to be Ms. Fain’s special helper

5. Ms. Kip’s starting up!

6. New students helping out the Quail and their emailed stories!

7. applebutter porkloin and biscuits

8. the final basil harvest

9. a fall freezer stocked full of pesto and fruit

10. another freezer stocked full of Trader Joe’s

11. dr appt over

12. realizing the Quail’s not sick- just sassy

13. digging out my preschool discipline books

14. new fall TV!

15. TV on demand

16. the most supportive group of friends

17. the new Krispy Kreme cinnamon cake donut

18. Lovey lunch dates

19. sleeping in

20. Fall

21. home routines