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corner view: music

We love music in our house. Not that any of us are emblazoned with a particular talent- other than keen ears at this time. Pre-kiddos Lovey and I enjoyed many a night at small venues listening to our favorite groups and when we were at home a record, a cd or the radio was almost always on. We’ve moved on somewhat with the times and tend to stream most of our music nowadays as our collections line the walls. Zuzu enjoys physical movement to music and most kids tunes. Her sister, is quite happy with the grown-up tunes and an offer of a slow dance. Either and any way- nothing fills a home quite like the music of a family.

Corner view is a weekly Wednesday date hosted originally hosted by Jane, currently by Francesca. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it in photographic or poetic in form from around the world: Jane, Dana, Bonny, Joyce, Ian, Francesca, Theresa, Cate, Kasia, Otli, Trinsch, Isabelle, Janis, Kari, jgy, Lise, Dorte, McGillicutty, Sunnymama, Ibb, Kelleyn, Ninja, Sky, RosaMaria, Juniper, Valerie, Sammi, Cole, Don, WanderChow, FlowTops, Tania, Tzivia, Kristin, Laura, Guusje, Susanna, Juana, Elsa, Nadine

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