Mommaday: starfish

 Remember dear Olga? Well guess what? Her forever family has found her! Miss Olga is about to become one of the Abell’s!!! Patti truly paved the path for a miracle to happen. She and her family; through the caring hearts of her readers were able to raise over $12,000 towards Olga’s adoption grant! That was amazing to me, and in such a short amount of time. A true testament to the power of people who care. The Abell’s have committed to bringing Olga home, and this money most definatel helps- it is a good bit of the cost to bring a child home through an international adoption. That being said they need our help. Could you consider possibly donating or posting about Olga to help continue to raise funds and awareness? If you think you could- go to their adoption blog and donate via their Chip-in. Link them on your facebook page, tweet them, blog about them. Help them, help Olga. This little girl is counting on us all!

gratitude journal

1. ordinary people realizing ordinary things

2. an entourage of bobs

3. lookin at all the pretty houses

4. spring flowers in February!

5. a training well done

6. a house picked up

7. dinner plans

8. no barfing or fevers

9. first steps

10. too many thoughtful presents

11. no babies in the house anymore

12. a loan paid off

13. gratitude for the loan in the first place

14. presents that make me cry

15. giggling girls

16. Lovey’s kindness

17. an insightful Jodie

18. a Mattie that gets our bird

19. a cheering Monique

20. a new PT

21. a houseful of nappers

Quail Day: 1 step for mankind…

and 3 in a row for our dear Quail!!!! Today, the day after her second birthday we came home to an extremely energetic bird. Monique was over for speech therapy and we remembered that the Quail hadn’t shown off her new stand up and plop down trick. So after a few rounds Monique asked if we had tried holding out her favorite-do-anything-for-a-fruitloop treat to see if she would take a few steps over to us to get it…and sure enough! She crawled for icecream and walked for fruitloops- I see a huge ice cream sundae in that girls future! Way to go Abi-quail! We’re so proud! Watch it for yourself here. Technically that’s not the actual first step. She got a set of 3 in before we got the camera recording. All the better- she did it more than once! Did I say already how proud we are!?!?!?!?

corner view: blue

Corner view is a weekly Wednesday post hosted originally hosted by Jane, currently by Theresa. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it in photographic or poetic form from around the world.  See what’s going on around the world:

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Happy Birthday dear Quail!

Our dear lil bird is TWO!!!! We celebrated over the weekend with a hoppin good time at a local bouncehouse place with a yummy sweet cake from a German bakery, pizza for all and a Dora backpack full of treatbags lovingly put together courtesy of Zuzu. Zuzu was instructed prior to the party to remember that we are the hosts and we need to make each and every child and their family feel welcome. She was a busy big sis taking her role seriously, from greeting kids as they came, to handing out the treatbags, lining up the party hats, leading the chorus of Happy Birthday and making sure there were juice boxes galore. She even managed to sneak in a good bit of bouncing and a round of air hockey with Momma. The Quail was in her prime, after she not so delicately informed us she had no intention of wearing her special Birthday Princess hat throughout the party, she settled on a brief showing post-cake. Stranger anxiety is high right now, and we were a little worried what a room full of 40 of her besties and their families might do to her little flight or fight system. But she LOVED it! She was able to hang with Lovey throughout the eating, singing and treatbagging and then moved on to the Toddler bouncecastle with ease. It was a testiment to everyone’s hard work over the last two years with her to watch her greet friends with a hug and pat, rip her chompers through cheese pizza like she’s been doing it all her life and holler when her cake wasn’t delivered to her place fast enough. She’s become a baby panda bear wrestling with her sister anytime Zuzu sits down long enough for her to scoot up on her. This being her fave of the gross motor activities has enabled her to crawl up, over and through a maze in the toddler bounce was a huge delight. There wasn’t time for presents at the party, but rest-assured party-goers- she loved each and every one of your thoughtful gifts. Her only complaint was as to why we weren’t taking 30 minute breaks between packages so that she could play with each one before her stister swiped and renamed each and everyone.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us throughout the day- other mom’s and dad’s and their ability to sense when an extra hand or five is needed at any given moment is truly my saving grace. Happy Birthday Sweet Quail- we love you to itty-bitty bits!