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Quail Day: 1 step for mankind…

and 3 in a row for our dear Quail!!!! Today, the day after her second birthday we came home to an extremely energetic bird. Monique was over for speech therapy and we remembered that the Quail hadn’t shown off her new stand up and plop down trick. So after a few rounds Monique asked if we had tried holding out her favorite-do-anything-for-a-fruitloop treat to see if she would take a few steps over to us to get it…and sure enough! She crawled for icecream and walked for fruitloops- I see a huge ice cream sundae in that girls future! Way to go Abi-quail! We’re so proud! Watch it for yourself here. Technically that’s not the actual first step. She got a set of 3 in before we got the camera recording. All the better- she did it more than once! Did I say already how proud we are!?!?!?!?

6 thoughts on “Quail Day: 1 step for mankind…

  1. Wow, wow, that is so great! We are so proud over here. Happy birthday and happy walking! Thank you so much Cole for your comments about crawling. That confirms my approach (although we’re doing plenty of standing too). Thanks for the tip on the book. I have not seen that one.


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