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Kitchen Social: Where Food Friends Gather…

I love food. Outside of eating it, mostly talking about it, photographing it and hoarding recipes for meals to come. I often just can’t help myself from asking for a recipe, a blog-link, a restaurant recommendation, or commenting on something someone has cooked. If I’ve ever told you at least six times about something Lovey made, found, bought, talked endlessly with you about my salt collection, mentioned how you should meet so-and-so or shown you a picture of last night’s dinner, then I am inviting you to be a part of my version of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood kitchen! Come visit here! Share your favorite recipe, foodblog, restaurant, cooking oil, supplier of tea, coffee and grapeseed oil! I certainly will. The door is open to my food blog and my kitchen on Facebook! Come on in, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, tell me about what you ate last night and stay a while! Oh, and would you mind sharing the recipe?


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