gratitude journal: In honor of 2 years with the Quail..

1.being such a little concerned sweetheart about everyone in your world- if someone is sad or upset you are the first to scootch over and offer up a bear hug and plenty of sympathetic oooohhhhhs…

2. Being the feistiest lil sprite around town- no doubt you will not be bullied- you’ll swat back

3. teaching so many people about loving people as who they are

4. helping me see what others, and myself in the past see as obligation as a sweet gift- I used to think of your breathing treatments as one more thing to check off each day- now I can’t wait to snuggle you and your sis while you both cuddle up each night

5. learning to trust you and what you are telling us- you are the antonym for passive

6. your trust in us- as you seek us out when you are upset

7. you are such a smartie-smart girl- you continually amaze me as you progress from itty-bitty sweetheart baby to full-on, take the world no holds barred toddler

8. the pride I feel in the tiniest things you do

9. your ability to be soooooooo naughty- you repeatedly swipe your therapists things and hide them and then proceed to empty our cabinets into the tub and potty

10. the way you LOVE to dance with me & Daddy- you snuggle in for a slow song, bounce along to a peppy one and reach up to the sky when a song you know comes on or we suggest dancing

11. the way you holler to let us know you are up in the morning and keep at it until we are too

12. the way you race to the door at school when you hear your peeps approaching

13. the way your whole face lights up when we make you laugh- via tickles, silly games, or your jokes and teasing of us

14. your ability to communicate with your whole body- you launch on to your sister and dad as Captain Pounceypants, swipe a poor food offering off of your plate with more gusto than Marlon Brando

15. the people you have married to our lives

16. your insistence on doing things your way (which is so similar to your sisters)

17. your similarities to Zuzu- its uncanny how alike in basic make-up you are

18. how incredibly rascally you are in ways that never crossed your sisters mind

19. your determination to do everything you see everyone else doing- you’ve now jumped into the wrastlin piles at school

20. you love to be sung to- it calms you, centers you and cheers you

21. your unicorn status in a sea of horses

22. your kittenin into us

23. that you are mine- thank you dear baby

corner view: valentine


The question this week was inquiring about our Valentine traditions. Well- we are still a fairly young family working its way through traditionalizing our traditions! I have to say I am sooooo inspired by all the loving families going whole-hog on their valentine celebrations! I’m sure in years to come we will be more creative. Last year we managed a pink cake but with the holiday falling on a weekday no such luck this year. The girls each had Valentine parties at their school and were excited to make out their Valentines for their classmates and friends. Our family and a few friends will also receive a grown-up valentine from the girls in all their hearty lovy-dovy cuteness.

So on Monday the girls went to their parties decked out in their Valentine clothes excitedly changed into from their Valentine jammies from the night before. When they came home- oh my goodness- the loot!!!! We did manage to hand out candy valentine’s but I missed the memo where the good mommies prepare homemade treats and treatbags for their young-uns buddies! The girls were thrilled and next year we will do better to reciprocate.

From us little heart baskets were prepared ala Easter Basket in style. The main treats were small mini-soccer sized balls from Old Navy that the girls have been bowling up and down our hall since they found them. Us grown-ups lucked out and got to have a nice Valentine’s lunch and Lovey is always so sweet in his sweet and treat gatherings and I was the happy receiver of some tulips and candy and cookies. He also received a heart basket with an odd assortment of goodies.  

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Quail & Zuzu Days: The cutting edge…


Have you seen our bird? Her feathers have been trimmed- the Quail bob that she is named for remains intact though! She got her first haircut on 1/29/11. She’s had her bangs trimmed and we scavenged a few of her dark brown locks that came with her birth for posterity’s sake, but the first official cut happened 3 weeks before she turns two. When I was looking back through Zuzu’s photos to find one from her first haircut I realized that the girls were the same chronological age when we finally felt ready to do this- and I essentially and unknowingly gave them the same cut! There seems to be something weirdly biological in it I think!?

gratitude journal

1. having a full dance card

2. cable in a motel

3. a couple of girls nights!

4. gymnastics = 2 hours of running and jumping with no grown up saying, ” Settle down!”

5. a cinnamon chip scone

6. a happy group

7. brainstormin

8. a party planned

9. a 4 year old diggin the chore of treat bag fillin!

10. an RSVP that while sending regrets is done in a pretty wrapped package

11. chocolates from sis!

12. valentines!

13. a baby who loves to dance

14. valentine jammies

15.colorin with the girls

16. a date!

17. Rio Grille

18. Sushi tasting oddly similar to a McDonald’s apple pie

19. Old 97’s

20. new babysitters!

21. telling the baby to stand up and grinning while she does!