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gratitude journal

1.another birthday

2. thoughtful gifts

3. sweet things like heated coffee mugs, 4 year old kinda gifts and extra cakes

4. matchin-monkey-jammied- babies

5. Facebook making you feel so special

6. sweet cards and sentiments

7. sweet potato pancakes for all!

8. best wishes from around the world

9. a party planned

10. my babies

11. a fancy-meat-filled dinner out with Lovey

12. a new babysitter charming the babies

13. toddler derbies

14. birthday parties!

15. Valentine cards ordered

16. feeling grateful for every day we have together

17. the passionate community around us

18. motrin for teethin babies

19. not getting sick

20. a choice between 8 Jodi Piccoult audiobooks on the library shelves at one time!

21.being way too spoiled on my birthday!

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