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Quail & Zuzu Days: The cutting edge…


Have you seen our bird? Her feathers have been trimmed- the Quail bob that she is named for remains intact though! She got her first haircut on 1/29/11. She’s had her bangs trimmed and we scavenged a few of her dark brown locks that came with her birth for posterity’s sake, but the first official cut happened 3 weeks before she turns two. When I was looking back through Zuzu’s photos to find one from her first haircut I realized that the girls were the same chronological age when we finally felt ready to do this- and I essentially and unknowingly gave them the same cut! There seems to be something weirdly biological in it I think!?

One thought on “Quail & Zuzu Days: The cutting edge…

  1. She’s a doll. I always find myself doing the same thing with the boys, too! It is so hard to do that first hair cut. When people thought my oldest was a girl, I knew it was time.


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