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gratitude journal

1. having a full dance card

2. cable in a motel

3. a couple of girls nights!

4. gymnastics = 2 hours of running and jumping with no grown up saying, ” Settle down!”

5. a cinnamon chip scone

6. a happy group

7. brainstormin

8. a party planned

9. a 4 year old diggin the chore of treat bag fillin!

10. an RSVP that while sending regrets is done in a pretty wrapped package

11. chocolates from sis!

12. valentines!

13. a baby who loves to dance

14. valentine jammies

15.colorin with the girls

16. a date!

17. Rio Grille

18. Sushi tasting oddly similar to a McDonald’s apple pie

19. Old 97’s

20. new babysitters!

21. telling the baby to stand up and grinning while she does!


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