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gratitude journal

1. ordinary people realizing ordinary things

2. an entourage of bobs

3. lookin at all the pretty houses

4. spring flowers in February!

5. a training well done

6. a house picked up

7. dinner plans

8. no barfing or fevers

9. first steps

10. too many thoughtful presents

11. no babies in the house anymore

12. a loan paid off

13. gratitude for the loan in the first place

14. presents that make me cry

15. giggling girls

16. Lovey’s kindness

17. an insightful Jodie

18. a Mattie that gets our bird

19. a cheering Monique

20. a new PT

21. a houseful of nappers

2 thoughts on “gratitude journal

  1. 21 wonderful,gratitude filled things.I need to back track… is it always 21 things or is that just a coincidence.Something tells me it’s not.

    Have a beautiful Sunday.


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