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Mommaday: starfish

 Remember dear Olga? Well guess what? Her forever family has found her! Miss Olga is about to become one of the Abell’s!!! Patti truly paved the path for a miracle to happen. She and her family; through the caring hearts of her readers were able to raise over $12,000 towards Olga’s adoption grant! That was amazing to me, and in such a short amount of time. A true testament to the power of people who care. The Abell’s have committed to bringing Olga home, and this money most definatel helps- it is a good bit of the cost to bring a child home through an international adoption. That being said they need our help. Could you consider possibly donating or posting about Olga to help continue to raise funds and awareness? If you think you could- go to their adoption blog and donate via their Chip-in. Link them on your facebook page, tweet them, blog about them. Help them, help Olga. This little girl is counting on us all!


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