Zuzuday: hair today, gone tomorrow

I have a real love/hate relationship with haircuts and the girls. I find myself eyeing their sweet heads for weeks on end before finally asking if anyone is interested in a haircut. I need to be sure I can commit to it before I make the offer. It shouldn’t be this difficult, but emotionally it is. Probably because I only do it once or twice a year and at this age, even without my help they grow so quickly.

When both of the girls were born, their hair came out mirroring mine. Lots of chocolate brown hair wisps covered their tender heads. In the first few months as it came off and new hair grew in, with both of them it changed over to Lovey’s strawberry blonde locks. Everyone thinks they look like him- I’m the odd man out in family pictures. Truth be told, when Lovey was their age he was a towhead. White, white, white. Shortly before Zuzu was born, I was gifted a number of boxes of my childhood things from my mom and in the depths of those I found a little envelope that carried the locks from my first haircut. My hair- was strawberry blonde! I have absolutely no memory of this and was so surprised to see the different color. It made me realize that the days of having these sweet little strawberry heads is most likely numbered.

Thus begins the love/hate relationship with haircuts as I age them with every snip. About a year ago I took the girls in to a joint doctor appointment a few weeks after their fall haircut and the doctor looked at them and asked if Zuzu’s hair used to be the same color as the Quail. I was shocked- I hadn’t noticed how much darker it had already turned.  That time I had given the Quail bangs and I think the heartshock of seeing my baby vanish into a toddler had caused me to stop eyeing them so closely. Sure enough though, I can see it, it’s just a shade darker. Everytime we cut it, I feel like I’m cutting off part of their babyhood.

Yet, I can’t quite help myself, as I eye it for weeks preceding the haircut I notice how straggly or thin it has become and feel the need to thicken and even it up. I always love the final result after I cry about it few a few days though. This fall Zuzu had been the one asking for a cut after I came home from work with one.  It’s not a quick process for us. I do cut the hair myself, but I usually have to trail after them over the course of the weekend making little amends. Since Zuzu had asked, I started with her this time and noticed that her bangs were almost at the length I had hoped so that we could even it all out to one length. In reality, that was shorter than I pictured the cut as a whole. She was tickled.  I was uncertain and Lovey asked why I took his little girl away. It’s a spritely little cut on her, but the bittersweetness of it going one more shade darker as I cut the summer sun out of it was enough to put me in my hair-cutting place before I got to the Quail. Needless to say, I only took a couple of inches off of her in order to keep the rest of my heart intact.

Zuzuday: Halloween is a fashionista’s dream…


Oh dear Zuzu, this holiday was made for you! Our Gal Friday went as…well everything but Girl Friday! A lovely pink fairy costume was purchased at her request last month for the big day. Then somewhere along the line she insisted that we buy her Dora’s backpack so that she could complete her Dora get-up. Unfortunately that one is yet to be photographed as she is always busy exploring when she has it on. The week before the holiday she announced she was returning to last year’s Word Girl hit. Then the day of her school party she vascilated between being a “heart-pink” ballerina and a ladybug to match her sister. When I picked her up from school I noticed  a bee costume in her cubby. The final winner was Snow White for our trip to the mountains and on the big day itself when we told her we were going trick-or-treating with Sophie she jumped up and started chanting, ” Snow White… oh, yeahhhh…oh, yeahhhhh…. Snow White…oh, yeahhhhhh….oh yeahhhh….

Gratitude Journal: In honor of 4 years with Zuzu

1.your keen sense of fashion and explanations for what “matches”

2. your ridiculously and suddenly rationale explanations for why we should do what you say

3. the way you love to run and jump around in boy fashion dressed in all girl fashion

4. your kindess to ones smaller then you

5. your shyness in new situations

6. when you burst from that shy shell to put yourself out there and try to make friends

7. that you are a momma and daddy’s girl all roled into one

8. your ability to be thrilled at the tiniest event or errand, “Yay!!!! It’s home day!” “Yay, we’re going to the market!”

9. that you prefer french salt, english scones, donuts, kefir, whole-milk plain yogurt, Kashi cereal, prime rib, pink gelatos, cereal bars, gummies, pops (lollies), quesadilla and little trees to just about anything else

10. your insistence that eating a popsicle will make any boo-boo better.

11. your need to wear band-aids as body art

12. your love of all things ordinary: the park, the market, the library, school, the doctor and dentist, tubby-time and weeknight restaurant treats

13. that you and your sister have matching laughs

14. how you like to have your and your sister’s outfits match

15. how easily you fell in love with the role of big sister

16. your funny interpretations of words like keep-saving, seat-cart, stister

17. your strawberry blonde hair

18. your knock-knock joke telling, story reading and brief but exuberant dance and singing recitals in our kitchen

19. your reminders of what a good girl you are! (Look, Momma: I don’t spill! I brushed my teeth! I pooped in the potty! I listened to my body! I listened to my teacher! I was a good friend! I colored on the paper! I didn’t have a fit!

20. your curious and kind nature

21. your exuberance