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Zuzuday: Halloween is a fashionista’s dream…


Oh dear Zuzu, this holiday was made for you! Our Gal Friday went as…well everything but Girl Friday! A lovely pink fairy costume was purchased at her request last month for the big day. Then somewhere along the line she insisted that we buy her Dora’s backpack so that she could complete her Dora get-up. Unfortunately that one is yet to be photographed as she is always busy exploring when she has it on. The week before the holiday she announced she was returning to last year’s Word Girl hit. Then the day of her school party she vascilated between being a “heart-pink” ballerina and a ladybug to match her sister. When I picked her up from school I noticed  a bee costume in her cubby. The final winner was Snow White for our trip to the mountains and on the big day itself when we told her we were going trick-or-treating with Sophie she jumped up and started chanting, ” Snow White… oh, yeahhhh…oh, yeahhhhh…. Snow White…oh, yeahhhhhh….oh yeahhhh….


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