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1. summer travels being over

2. getting your house picked up

3. new classes for the kiddos

4. Zuzu getting to be Ms. Fain’s special helper

5. Ms. Kip’s starting up!

6. New students helping out the Quail and their emailed stories!

7. applebutter porkloin and biscuits

8. the final basil harvest

9. a fall freezer stocked full of pesto and fruit

10. another freezer stocked full of Trader Joe’s

11. dr appt over

12. realizing the Quail’s not sick- just sassy

13. digging out my preschool discipline books

14. new fall TV!

15. TV on demand

16. the most supportive group of friends

17. the new Krispy Kreme cinnamon cake donut

18. Lovey lunch dates

19. sleeping in

20. Fall

21. home routines


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