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gratitude journal

1. beach time with family and friends

2. Edisto…sweet Edisto

3. palm trees, live oaks and resurection fern…

4. George & Pinks

5. peach cobbler

6. beach babies

7. little kids playing

8. time off

9. friends feeling like family

10. a series of wonderful meals

11. first day of pre-K2 and pre-K4

12. rascal time before sleep

13. a 2 year old helping to “read” Moo, Baa, La,La,La

14. a 4 year old adding on to her career chain

15. cousins sharing

16. memories of the midwest

17. colds fading

18. compression hose

19. sweet little birthday parties

20. girls in party dresses

21. iced coffees


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