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Quail Day: She’s a busy, busy girl!

The Quail has rebounded from her bout of illnesses with vigor! She is up to a whopping 17 lbs 2 oz and 26.5 inches long. She’s up to a few new tricks as well. Last week when she made her return to Physical Therapy they managed to get her up on all fours! She held it for about 3 seconds before leap-frogging her way out of position. She smiled through the first 2 trys, reached for a toy during the third and gave an all-out, “knock-it-off” holler at the fourth. Mark the PT got the point and moved on. The next day during speech therapy she apparantly decided to show off her gross motor prowess to Miss Monique her SLP, by pushing up to standing off of my lap. Then this morning when I woke up from one of the longest bouts of sleep we, as a family, have had in the last few weeks I looked over to find her snuggled down on her belly in her co-sleeper.  This weekend Bad Mama brought her family down for a visit and the Quail was so delighted to meet Big Daddy that she waved at him! And then a second time, just in case he missed the first. At PT today with Miss Ashley, she was imitating me banging cups together well enough that she noted how well she imitates. Our girl is growing up!

The pictures above make me smile- we have similar busy-girl shots of Zuzu in the saucer. It’s so sweet to see them so fully focusedon their work.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have so very much to be grateful for in our lovely household and hope you feel the same about yours. Many blessings to all


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