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Zuzu Day: Ballerina in Training

The highlight of Zuzu’s week is definitely going to dance class. She is clear that Wednesday is Dance class day. She gets up and starts talking about her leotard, her tu-tu, her tights and dance shoes. She debates pig or ponytails, a headband or clip, Hello Kitty necklace and bracelet versus the silver dance shoes bracelet. She knows she gets dressed for dance class and ready to go at home and brings her school clothes to change into once she is done. She goes to school and rides on the KSA bus with Ms. Miranda or Ms. Tandria with approximately 7 other little girls from school. She is the only one from her class. Miss Fain has been teaching dance for over 30 years in our neck of the woods. She has her own School of Dance and is quite fit herself. Her assistant Miss Trish is equally kind and tells me how precious they find our dear Zuzu. In swim class there was an ongoing issue of Zuzu wanting to get out of class towards the end and have Momma come get her. It worked once by telling her teacher she had to go potty and since no one wants the pool heated a little extra they take no chances. So it quickly became a pattern with each of the last few classes.

Well dance class is different. School takes Zuzu there. And Zuzu- well as much of a wildflower as I find her- she is a very good listener to her teachers. A couple of Wednesdays ago I had the day off; well it was Veteran’s day- so work was closed. We had a slew of appointments for the day including a lunch with the local moms at our delish Brioso, a photography session with a favorite mom and a pediatrician follow-up on the Quail’s pneumonia. But my true delight for the day was getting to sneak into Zuzu’s dance class and capture her in action. Above are a few of the fun moments. We also got our notice for the spring recital. May 15- mark your calendars! It’s in a professional auditorium that seats a crew. There will be professional costumes along with professional photographs earlier that spring. Let’s pray the growth spurt happens before the measurements are taken!

All in all, it was a lovely day and seeing Zuzu listen to her teachers so well, enjoy the activity and dance along warmed my heart. She is so lovely & amazing, that Zuzu of mine. How did I ever get so lucky?


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