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Gratitude Journal

1. Old friends on a new visit

2. new friends learning to play together

3. company in our home

4. Lovey’s calmness and competence

5. an Ethic’s Bowl Team Win!

6. technology

7. the internet

8. Thanksgiving time

9. Christmas music

10. compliments unbidden

11. a hot cup of coffee early in the morning

12. seeing our new cat making herself at home

13. the ability to make milk

14. good lip closure

15. Zuzu’s good will and good cheer

16. Zuzu’s enjoyment of the simplest, most ordinary, mundane tasks- “Yes, Mama- I’ll come pick up the food with you!, Yay! We get to sweep!, Yay-hoo! Let’s make brownies!, Yes, let’s share with my friends! I’ll put out a fork for everyone!”

17. Thanksgiving with friends

18. Relatives doing well

19. sleeping in

20. a new carrot and a new sweet potato recipe- yum!

21. Peek-A-Boo!


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