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Gratitude Journal

IMG_06661. a steaming plate of hot ravioli with a lovely primavera cream sauce and fresh mozzerella!

2. a dinner out with the family that is fun for everyone

3. a healthy baby

4. her caring big sister

5. a gorgeous sunset with the smell of fall tinging the air

6. a lovely color-burst of a sunrise

7. a nursing toddler

8. Lovey

9. dear friends understanding my life

10. dear friends and family loving my girls

11.new books

12.friends coming to visit

13. a clean house

14. Lovey’s dedication to his girls

15. grocery lists

16. time to photograph flowers

17. time to think

18. messages from dear friends

19. all the amazing encouragement and kudos I’ve suddenly received from other amazing mommies- Wow- What a gift- thank you all so much friends- Right back at you all! Truly!

20. confidence

21. Christmas music- oh how it cheers my soul- yes- I’m the one they play it for at this time of year and even earlier!

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