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Zuzu Day

This weeks top-conversation (via the telephone):

Momma: Hi Zuzu- Momma misses you so much!

Zuzu: Momma- Daddy and I looked everywhere here for you. You aren’t here. Are you there?

Momma: Yes Zuzu- I’m there

Zuzu: Are you coming here right now?

Momma: No Zuzu, Momma has to stay there for a couple more days.

Zuzu: Uh-huh, Did you go there by airport?

Momma, No Zuzu, I went there by car.

Zuzu: Momma, did you go there by gold car?

Momma: Yes Zuzu, I drove gold car.

Zuzu: Do you have the purple spider trip picture I painted you Momma?

Momma: Yes Zuzu, I have it right here- It’s so pretty, thanks so much!

Zuzu, Uh-huhhhh…Momma I pooped in the potty. Can I have gummies?

Momma: Good job Zu! Absolutely you can have gummies!

Zuzu: Uh-huhhh, ok, actually Momma, I have to go now. Martha’s speaking right now.


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