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Zuzu Day


This is one of the first baby doll’s that joined our brood. Both of the girls love her to pieces. I’ve been asking Zuzu since she was able to pick her up what the baby’s name is and typically what she heard was my asking what her name was and so the answer was always Zuzu. Well in the last week or two a new incarnation of baby emerged. This baby, her name is Fabulous. As in,”Mommie- how was fabulous’s day, tell me about her day, tell me what she did. Zuzu has always loved pretend play based on her own reality. She pretends to get the car keys to get ready to go to market to buy kefir. She needs monies to pay for parking. She turns on my pump and then begs to make milk herself. She sits and reads to her sister and dollies pretending to be Miss Chrystil. And the newest game is with Fabulous. I’m Miss Shaina and if I sit still anywhere in the house for more than 30 seconds, she comes strolling in and deposits Fabulous at my feet, kisses her, tells her she loves her and that she’ll be back after work. Then she runs into the hall and hollars, “Miss Shaina, Miss Shaina- tell everyone whose Mommie is coming?” It is then my job as Miss Shaina to  start naming off the kids in her class and asking if their Momma is on her way. Once she shyly enters the room, she then asks for a full report on Fabulous’s day and takes great pride in hearing that Fabulous had a fabulous day- she pooped in the potty, she napped on her mat, she painted a picture of pink hearts, she ate her corn, applesauce and chicken, she played outside and she listened during group time while sitting, ” Criss-cross applesauce, hands in her bowl”. She literally beams with pride over Fabulous’s fabulous day, picks her up, tells, her “Oh my dear, Momma loves you” then gathers her coat and shoes and heads into the hall to start from scratch.


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