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Momma Monday

Last Tuesday a sweet family was kind enough to watch our gaggle of girls while Lovey and I both had to work. When I picked the girls up Zuzu wanted to know why she got to go to her friend’s house since it was not the typical weekday routine. The conversation went like this:

Zuzu: Momma why did Denise pick me up?

Momma: Because Momma had to work out of town today sweetie. Momma got a promotion at work and had to train for her new job.

Zuzu: A promotion?

Momma: Yes, Momma was told she did a good job and so she gets to do a new job.

Zuzu: Do you mean your teacher told you to be quiet while she read the story and you did so you got a special heart sucker treat?

Momma: Yes Zuzu, that’s exactly what I mean.

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