1. nap-time for everyone

2. pumpkin beer

3. the smell of onions cooking

4. an uneventful drive

5. an uneventful flight

6. old friends good as new!

7. a lovely host &  hostess whose home is full of whimsy and fun

8. donut after donut after donut

9. warm crullers just as good as I remember

10. coworkers and friends being the same thing

11. introducing the girls to some of our favorite people

12. watching them develop their own friendships

13. friends who cook

14. friends introducing our Zuzu to new friends and explaining the sociology of play at given ages

15. Companion bakehouse eggs

16. seeing my old boss tattoo my daughters forehead and then snicker

17. that said tattoo didn’t stick

18. watching 2 girls play like they’ve known each other for years

19. friends including a slightly younger friend in a sleepover

20. kind souls entertaining a piranha like baby so this momma can eat

21. too many fun activities to get to in an old favorite of a  town

fave-O-lit Friday

Early Supper

by Barbara Howes

Laughter of children brings
The kitchen down with laughter.
While the old kettle sings
Laughter of children brings
To a boil all savory things.
Higher than beam or rafter,
Laughter of children brings
The kitchen down with laughter.

So ends an autumn day,
Light ripples on the ceiling,
Dishes are stacked away;
So ends an autumn day,
The children jog and sway
In comic dances wheeling.
So ends an autumn day,
Light ripples on the ceiling.

They trail upstairs to bed,
And night is a dark tower.
The kettle calls: instead
They trail upstairs to bed,
Leaving warmth, the coppery-red
Mood of their carnival hour.
They trail upstairs to bed,
And night is a dark tower.

Sugarplum day

Sugarplum is 7 months old. She weighs in at 17 lbs 11 oz. and stands 27 inches tall. Lil Miss 75% is at the same % as Zuzu right now! She babbles, giggles, sits by her own-self and has the strongest baby-grip known to man. While she’s been known to roll-over, she stares down the floor, insists on something to grip and lowers herself down. Our thoughtful child she is.

corner view: spirituality

The faith that there is something outside of ourselves. The whispered prayers in our hearts. The miracles we witness in the daily ordinaries.

Corner view is a weekly Wednesday date hosted originally hosted by Jane, currently by Francesca. A topic is given and you can see impressions; be it in photographic or writerly in form from around the world: Jane, Dana, Bonny, Joyce, Ian, Francesca, Theresa, Cate, Kasia, Otli, Trinsch, Isabelle, Janis, Kari, jgy, Lise, Dorte, McGillicutty, Sunnymama, Ibb, Kelleyn, Ninja, Sky, RosaMaria, Juniper, Valerie, Sammi, Cole, Don, WanderChow, FlowTops, Tania, Tzivia, Kristin, Laura, Guusje, Susanna, Juana, Elsa, Nadine, Annabel


Public pre-school days are what the Quail looks forward to each week. She grabs her backpack and happily heads to the car. On the drive there she gets a high-five from Zuzu and we practice our A,B,Cs and 1,2,3s. She’s made some new buddies and is working on not “mothering” them too awfully much.

sunday still life

Sunday Still Life is an evolving mindfulness project; a weekly invitation to pause the busy of our days, to re-center and celebrate the beauty and depth of life. If you are leave inspired to join in, please leave a link in Erin’s comments.

She is me even when she doesn’t know it. As a child I would climb the tree in our backyard and sit there with a book on nice days. My daughter. My mirror.