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Summer Happiness

Summer Happiness


Zuzu is going to start taking classes this fall. She is signed up for swimming and dance class and she is ecstatic. Of course being the wildflower she is- she is ecstatic about everything! I’m a little worried about how class-time will go- if she will cooperate and fall into line or continue to do her version of the silly-willy-nilly dance as inspired by Zoe of her Zoe Dance Moves DVD. She’s been practicing nightly for Ms. Fain. I guess time will tell and if it is too soon or she is too young to start classes we’ll try again in a few months. In the meantime she is tickled pink to be signed up like a big girl for both dance and swimming with her pals from her little school.

She is the kindest little big girl. Last night I came home with a headache and told her this. She informed me that we keep the ice-packs and the Popsicles above the refrigerator and I could get them if I want. This morning she woke up and asked if I was still sick and before I could reply let me know that I can always stay home with her and she’ll take me to the doctor. It’s nice to be taken care of.


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