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Zuzu Day- Practice makes Perfect

Word up!

Word up!


The Birthday Girl-to-be caught a glimpse of the birthday cake she requested. Last weekend I decided I needed to practice making this cake. I work with a wonderful pastry chef and she gave me her red velvet cake recipe. Zuzu has requested a WordGirl birthday party and this will work together synergistically! The color turns out exactly the right shade of WordGirls superhero costume! Since PBS hasn’t seen fit to actually license out any paraphanalia yet I’ve been left to my own devices and this was what I could come up with in terms of decorations. I found I can make a cake stencil if I try hard enough. A dear friend is helping me to make the capes the kiddos attending will get to decorate and adorn their little selves with as well. Between those handy items a wonderful playground and good company I think the party will be a huge success.

Now I just have to explain to Zuzu that we don’t get to keep having practice cakes…..


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