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The Quail’s Day, 7 months into it & loving it

Neck n Neck

Neck n Neck

This photo is respresentative of the culmination of a recent physical or gross motor spurt.  See that neck? I was staring at this photo trying to figure out what was different and all of a sudden I realized there was a neck! It seems that physical therapy is kicking in! The Quail turned 7 months a couple of days ago and we can offiicially say that she is tripod sitting- for a few seconds and then down she goes. Her trouble lies in that reflex to jut herself back when she is upright. But on the whole she is balancing in a sitting position better. When you pull lightly on her hands when she is laying on her back you can see when she activates her stomach muscles and starts doing the work. When I hold her I can now count on her latching onto and proceding to eat whatever I am holding. It happens daily as it still catches me off guard and I don’t think to move what I’m holding out of her reach.
She’s completely full of charm and appeal these days.  Right now as I type and pump she is showing off next to the desk holding her bottle to her mouth in one hand and grabbing her toes with her other. This is new. PT is focusing on belly strengthening activities and it’s done wonders. When we hold out her diaper to her she lifts her little legs. When we walk up to her and say, “Up-up” she lifts her little arms up. And the grins and giggles are easy to come by these days and we are eating them up! She also smacks her lips when she is hungry and she anticipates you tickling her when you start to lean over her.
Her favorite things right now are her peeps (she’s more of a people then a toy kiddo), her blankies- hand her one and she unabashadly snuggles it up to her mouth and rubs it back and forth across her face with great zest. Her exersaucer- She will play with the toys attached to it and also whatever you set on it- babydoll or spoon- up it goes to her mouth.  She also watches Baby Einstein- Baby Wordsworth (Or Baby Ruff-Ruff as Zu calls it)  intently.. She’s hanging out in her high chair during mealtimes and watching us closely- we’ll start cereals soon.
Nursing is still not going well- honestly I’m not finding enough time to practice each day which is extremely disappointing but also a reality. Everytime I sit down to try- her sister comes in and wants to nurse- which was so beautiful in the first week home and one of the reasons I champion as to their bond- it’s such a hard thing. But that’s life right- bittersweet? 

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