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corner view “white”

Corner view is back!

And what a wonderful theme to start participating with! Jane  at Spain Daily posts a once a week theme and asks that people from all around the world interpret it from their little corner. Click on any of the worldwide friends listed below to see about life in their corner of the world. It is truly a photographic feast for the eyes!

The first thing I thought of  with white is our dear Zuzu’s actual middle name.  Her middle name IRL is Abelia. Most people hear that and ask if it is a family name. A few old southern gardeners understand instantly. It is a lovely little bell-shaped flower that blooms throughout the summer. Lovey’s maternal Grandmother also used to love these little flowers and so when we moved to The House of Two Gables and found our home ensconced in them we were tickled. We have lived in this home for 3 years before dear Zuzu entered our lives with a bang. While she was just a tiny egg in my womb I would often let my mind drift to baby names while I was out in the yard tending. Abelia was always at the top of my list as either a first or middle name. When the time came to talk about names in reality though I was a bit worried about saddling a small one with a name so unusual and took it off the list of options. Once she came out and Lovey and I got to see her precious little face and spirit though, the lovely little flower came back to both of us.

10 thoughts on “corner view “white”

  1. (no typos would have been soooo much better (“these” flowers, of course), I shouldn’t change my mind half way through sentences and not check them)
    sorry 😉

  2. What a wonderful name. I had some Abelias in our former garden and always loved to see them bloom.
    I have just been reading the rest of your blog, I am so impressed.
    Welcome to Corner View, looking forward to the next one!

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