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Letters to my Loves

Dear Loves,

I promise to help you see that happiness is not dependent on circumstances.

Your happiness, your joy is you. It lies within you and is there for you to embrace or shun. This is one of the biggest lessons you will need to learn as you grown up. Those cookies, that doll, those shoes, that mo-mo lovey; this dream, that friend’s success or that friend or those tu-tus. Those “things” will not sustain your happiness over time.

Breed inner joy to sustain your happiness. Life happens for all of us- mostly it is not good or bad, mostly it just is.  It is our minds and attitudes that give parts of life power and meaning. My job as your parent is to help you think for yourselves, to know yourselves and to take responsiblity for yourself. None of us are not entitled to any particular life or lifestyle. We make a particular life or embrace a particular lifestyle. Whether we focus on our blessings or on the slights we feel is dependent only on ourselves.

I promise to help you understand this and take ownership of your own happiness and lives. I hope to help you both make the most out of the lives you have been given and the life you dream of.

You both are brimming with such joy and spirit naturally. I feel that when I am with you. I wish for you both the ability to be know and grow that part of yourselvs and have it as a deep well to return to it when you feel strained and drained.

Let your natural zest for life guide you both as your shining examples guide those that witness it.

Love Momma


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