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Gratitude Journal; 31 for 21

IMG_96641. Zantac

2. GER instead of GERD

3. the rain

4. fashionista 3 year olds

5.Boiled Cider Jelly from Harlow’s Sugar House

6. the flu vaccine

7.$5 lasagna

8. garlic & cilantro Naan

9. the old Plez’ U

10. a smoothly processed case at work

11. a 3 year old “accidently” calling Momma at work & then leaving the phone on and the subsequent message I came to work to find

12. a respected pet transporter

13. Challula

14. unexpected chocolate cake from the Bohemian Cafe!

15. unexpected multi-flavor danish from Panera!

16. Sitting!

17. Sara Rosenfeld Johnson

18. a lesson not to speak in absolutes

19. a baby nursing after a week of not

20. showing off for the PT

21. Kitty-cat hat and mittens


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