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corner view: my dream; 31 for 21 day 21

A new “R” word. Respect for my daughter and her life.

Please click here and watch the video if the embedded link is not working: http://www.blueberryshoes.com/psa/index.html

Honestly I started out thinking much like Dana. The first “dream” that came to mind was an earlier post of mine about “family goals” updated in photographic style- pictures of us reading ,doing yoga, cooking, ourfamily and friend visits and travels. Really our day to day lives are often so full that the ability to enjoy these simple pleasures in life feel like dreams. When we actually experience these blissful moments, it does seem we pass through them in a dream like state only to awaken into the toddler-screaming, baby-barfing, I’m-running-late-again, none-of-the-laundry-has-been-folded-in-a-week, we-are-eating-cold-hotdogs-again-for-dinner, the-camellia-you-just-spent-$40-on-died, haven’t-slept-long-enough-to-fall-into-a REM-stage-sleep-in-over-a-week, the-new-cat-attempted-to-eat-the-filling-out-of-the boxspring-and-barfed-it-all-over-the black-carpet reality. And just when you think you can’t take another MINUTE of it all. The meteors rain down and the house fills with the lovely smells of a roast chicken courtesy of Alice Waters brilliant simple style and Lovey bakes an apple cake. Of course if you are like me, you are probably too busy pumping the baby’s milk for the day and blogging about it while thinking you really should lose that last 10 pounds to enjoy any of it as thoroughly as you would like.

Really and truely though- I wish for people to see The Quail as she is and as a person first. And sadly in the reality that is our world today- most people will see her diagnosis of Down syndrome before they get to know her. I hope for a more accepting and loving future for her. That is my dream.

thanks for sharing your corner view!

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