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Gratitude Journal

IMG_05711. Lovey

2. The Quail

3. Zuzu

4. persistent hand-holding

5. That it isn’t any worse

6. antibiotics

7. breathing treatments

8. smiles & snuggles

9. Lovey

10. fuzzy, stripey jammies on small ones

11. caffeine

12. Cuban food night

13. our dear friends and family’s continued concern and watching over of us

14. a day off

15. a day out with the girls

16. a night out with the girls

17. Lovey

18. Emergency Room care

19. Vaccines

20. the pediatrician

21. a flexible and non-judgemental boss

22. insight

23. bonding moments with small ones

24. dance class captured

25. bad mama’s good mama advice/words

26. the fact that I have taught the Quail to nurse

27. knowing I have done my part

28. Holiday Invitation!

29. The anticipation of visitors

30. 3 year olds in tutus

31. Lovey- I can’t be grateful enough for him, for all he does to love and nurture these fortunate souls who call him family and friend


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