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Zuzu Day: Swim Classen Report

Swim Classen ReportZuzu finished up her first round of “swim classens” earlier this fall. I was a bit hesitant about signing her up for them for a multitude of reasons. She has tubes in her ears- and although the ENT said swimming in a pool was perfectly fine, I was still feeling a bit post-traumatic about her first year of life when she had ear infections from 7 months to over one year. For her ear infections included high fevers, a sad, weepy, wailing child in the night, an inability to lay flat so she slept in our swing most nights . So much so that Lovey took it upon himself to debunk the batteries and revamp it so that it ran via an electrical cord. Even after she had tubes inserted in her ears she still got about a half dozen ear infections. But at that point they were much more manageable.

Zuzu also has so much spirit- so very much- it’s what we love about her and will translate into pure passion as an adult. It does make typical toddler activities such as story-time at a quiet library and paint-your-own pottery a bit more of a challenge though. We also currently have such a full schedule between Lovey and I working fulltime outside of the home, my commute to and from work and early intervention and speech therapy 2 nights a week in the evenings.

But this swim class was 2 nights a week for a month. We figured we could manage for a month. We had just the few  months previously started taking Zuzu to the community pool on weekend mornings when the weather was uncooperative for park play. She loved, loved, loved going to the pool. It was a good exercise in learning to listen to other adults expectations as well. Each time we would go say Hi to the lifeguard and have her review the “walking feet only” rule with Zu. The kind life guards would get out buckets of toys for water play, a floatee vest and noodle and off we would go! Sometimes on our own and sometimes with a pal or two of Zu’s. The pool is a warm water pool with a 3 foot maximum depth and a 2 foot high bench and stairs running along side it. Perfect for a budding mermaid!

Zuzu loved going to class. She enjoyed Erin and Jared,her teachers,and would get ready each day at school and was bursting with excitement when I would arrive to scurry her off across town for the lesson.  Halfway through the session she discovered the joy and power of telling the teacher she needed a bathroom break, coincidently about the same time it was her turn to jump in for the umpteenth time.

However, we received our report- as noted above and she did excellent- a regular fishie- that girl is! The part of the whole experience that brings me the most joy though is this- the little handwritten note across the top, ” Zuzu loves the water.Each time she gets in, her eyes light up”. How very precious. They do light up- and with so many activities- and what a great perspective- shaper for us to see another’s appreciation for her pure zest for life.  It was such a gift to have another person see that in her. Zuzu loves life- and we love her.


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