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Momma Monday: Feeling better…for all of 3 minutes

The stockings are not yet hung by the fire with care

But they have been ordered and we hope they’ll soon be here.

The tree is not up, but it has been cut down

Momma’s and Baby’s illnesses are gone and are both soon to rebound.

The Holiday cards have been discussed and carefully made;

with any luck they’ll be stamped, addressed and mailed out still in this decade.

Soon the presents will be wrapped, addressed and trips to the postmaster will abound

as we rush, and we rush and we rush all around.

We’ll trim the tree, and drink the eggnog,

we’ll dance to Andy William’s and discuss the merits of a yule log.

Cookies will be iced, and twinkley lights will start to glimmer.

Trips to see St. Nick will leave tears of joy in Momma’s eyes, but bring Zuzu’s brimming to a shimmer

Momma & the Quail are much better, and dear Zuzu and Lovey are still well.

Tis the time to read stories, watch Rudolph and sing Silver Bells

I’ll stop waxing on there since the Quail was a bit of a crabby-crab this morning as her nose glistened with little germlets and she coughed, and cried and cranked her way through therapy. And yet we still acted like first time parents and wondered what on earth could be making her so cranky, she seemed hungry but didn’t want to eat, thirsty but didn’t want to drink, tired but didn’t want to sleep, needing to be held but hollering when you picked her up and then again as you set her down….3 guesses….yes- another fever. Poor little lambie bird was sent home with a fever of 101 from school and by the time she got home it was up to 103.1. So off to our most accommodating pediatrician’s office who as always lovingly worked her into the schedule. Ears clear, chest clear, flu test negative and still spunky so while she will most likely be home for a few days we’re hopeful it won’t get more serious. Unfortunately this means her RSV vaccine has to be put off until she is fever free for 24 hours…and there is a baby in school with RSV. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that is our mystery visitor.

Think well thoughts for the Quail and that the rest of us bypass this one. I remember Zuzu was sick continuously from 7 months till a month after her first birthday. So we are old hat at this now. And fortunately Zuzu seems to be healthy as a horse these days. Here’s hoping the same the Quail.


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