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Quail Update

The joy of scheduled posts done in advance means it looks like all is normal right now- but really that’s just slight of hand! The Quail is still in the hospital and holding her own. Her pediatrician would like her oxygen saturation to be a little higher but tired Momma didn’t think to ask how high. It’s been about 93-94%. Her fever is down to 99.1- so that’s an improvement. No real wheezing- some course or tightness in the chest and decreased breath sounds. I think she’ll get to go home tomorrow! (Edited to clarify that was optimistic. She went home 2 days later with a total of 4 nights and days in the hospital)

They’re treating us well here- when the Quail is playing or resting it’s a bit of a vacation.  It’s nice to focus on our dear baby and have a little peace. My work was kind and sent a bear and balloon for our girl and the kind quilting ladies of the area gave her a gorgeous Christmas Quilt.  Dear Renee has dropped off tasty chicken, soup and noodles for the rest of my flock and Nana has arrived to keep Zuzu entertained. Zuzu was thoughtful enough to talk Lovey into taking her to the Bakery to gather treats to bring to Momma in the hospital and Momma is pleased as punch to have the self adjusting bed, the first chance to watch Days of Our Lives in 9 months and 3 well-balanced hot meals a day. We have a lovely view of the Foothills in the distance and kind nurses complementing how lovely, angelic and engaging the Quail is. What’s not to love? Well other then the RSV, the pneumonia, the dehydration and being away from my home nest and loved ones….hopefully those will all pass quickly though!

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