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Gratitude Journal

1. Lovey

2. Lovey’s schedule

3. little girls resting

4. white chicken chili

5. meatloaf

6. mac-n-cheese

7. unexpected time off

8. a baby sleeping through a movie

9. Lovey suggesting we go see a movie

10. The Holidays!

11. a little girl asking to learn to read

12. a tree decorated!

13. thoughtful ornaments from a dear friend whom I haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet in real life!

14. all my on-line friends, their cards and holiday wishes!

15. carrot bake!

16. an invitation to Christmas dinner

17. kids deciding to be very best friends

18. Christmas dresses with bows and matching shoes

19. Lisa and her family

20. the goose egg not being too big

21. new jammies!


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