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Gratitude Journal

1. the end of isolation due to illness

2. an impromptu meal

3. finding the velvet shirt I set out for

4. yummy, yummy carrot bake

5. Lovey making the yummy,yummy carrot bake

6. partial work weeks

7. Grampa’s birthday

8. sharing clothes with friends!

9. Legionaire’s bread!

10. curious children

11. Zuzu deciding she needs to learn to read

12. an international community sharing their charms and gifts

13. a sweet baby sleepingin a sling

14. Zuzu curled up fast asleep

15. a sister holding and “helping” her baby sister

16. a smashing good time at the annual New Year’s Eve party

17. a sitter at a party

18. an annual New Year’s Day bash with old and new friends

19. a baby drinking her milk

20. a shiny sink!

21. an open pediatrician’ s office on a saturday morning


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