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Gratitude Journal

1. Energy

2. new beginnings

3. Flylady

4. Six O’Clock Scramble

5. Mary Oliver

6. Fitday.com

7. a roasting chicken lieing in wait

8. sweet potato rolls rising in a sunny window

9. Twelth Night

10. Gerber Daisies

11. Lovey making Eggs Benadict!

12. Two parents- so one can stay with the toddler, while the other runs to the ER with the baby

13. Zuzu getting her doctor kit to see if she is alright

14. Being able to nurse one, even when I can’t the other

15. cuddles with a sick baby

16. Summer and Connie’s help!

17. Renee’s help!

18. Sue’s chicken noodle soup!

19. Zuzu telling me when she grows up she’ll have 10 babies- boys and girls!

20. Zuzu telling when she grows up she’ll be a princess, and a doctor, and a teacher, and a mommy…but mostly just a princess

21. sleep

22. my dear family and friends sweet words, thoughts, offers, prayers, food, hugs, child-holding and well wishes- much love and gratitude

23. hospital collard greens

24. a baby excitedly eating my face

25. opening my eyes to sunshine, smiles and giggles

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