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Gratitude Journal

1. time

2. frankness, cusioned with tenderness

3. options

4.Publix sourdough bread

5. Publix Mojo chicken!

6. Motherwit!

7. a pediatric nurse as a babysitter!

8. a therapeutic recreation student hanging out with the Quail!

9. Kellie

10. Dance class!

11. “Momma, Girls are princesses and boys are bears!”

12. wheezing being widdled away

13. rapid-flow

14. Signing time!

15. Matching stripey sisters!

16. Invitations to go out!

17. being healthy enough to go out!

18. little kid birthday parties

19. a functioning heart

20. a straightforward cardiologist

21. a cheerful baby

22. a clever 3 year old learning to spell


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