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Gratitude Journal

1. Physical Therapy

2. a standing baby!

3. a 3 year old saying,” Mommy, I was worried about you when you were sick, I’ll take care of you!”

4. finding my pregnancy totem that has been lost since giving birth

5. Annual Date Day

6. a fancy lunch

7. sick leave

8. a quick recovery

9.kids asleep by 8pm

10.the baby not getting sick


12. waves

13. Carolina Creme

14. zrrbrrtz

15. time

16. options

17. Cuban dinner night!

18. a southern winter

19. the first blooms of spring coming in January

20. having a cat

21. cat toys doubling as occupational therapy aides

One thought on “Gratitude Journal

  1. Fun list!

    What is cuban dinner night? Do you have good recipes to share or do you go out someplace?

    Which cat toys double as occupational therapy aides?


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