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Gratitude Journal

1. A family out hunting and gathering for Panera treats and the weeks groceries while I’m left with baby-snuggling duty

2. lastFM.com

3. being able to stomach a cafe au’ lait again after a tummy bug

4. the baby nuzzling into my neck when I pick her up to my shoulder

5. my 3 year old alarm clock, “Momma, it’s 7-4-4, that means it is time to wake up!”

6. the luxury of staying in bed until 7-4-4

7. feeling gratitude

8. making birthday lists

9. seeing my bridesmaid dress!

10. seeing Auntie Deb’s wedding dress!

11. the baby not getting the nasty tummy bug (yet…)

12.the promise of snow

13. the return of my milk after an illness

14. meeting new families in the community

15. lunch with friends

16. getting caught up at work

17.Anita’s apple strudel

18. Zuzu and Lovey picking out treats for me at the bakery

19. The Quail kissing her baby

20. The Quail signing Mama

21. the weekend starting out with nobody feeling sick! Yay-hoo!


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