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Zuzu Day

“But Momma, I’m bigger now, that’s why I need the big half of the cinnamon roll.”

“We have to go to sleep now Momma. If we don’t Christmas Eve won’t come and it won’t snow!” (said to me on 1/29/10- because she heard me say to Lovey that it may snow tomorrow, edited to add she continued to talk about the need to put up a new Christmas tree all weekend)

“Momma, The Quail has grown up!” (said when she woke up and noticed that her sister wasn’t in the co-sleeper)

“Momma, are you all better? I was so worried when you were sick!”

“Momma, I don’t want to be grumpy! Waaaahhhhhhhh!!!”

“Momma you have to use your happy manners if you want to be happy”

“Momma you have to be nice to your friend Daddy, Sorry is a good thing to say”

“Gramma, I”m going to be a teacher, a ballerina, a doctor and a mommie to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 babies- all girls!”

“Girls are princesses and boys are bears”

“Momma you have to be nice to be a good Christian”

“God the Father, God the Father- All-the-men, All-the-men..Yayyyyyyy!!!!”

2 thoughts on “Zuzu Day

  1. Thanks for the chuckle’s with these quotes…I’m always bad about writing down Hayden’s and know I’ll regret it…I really need to consider doing a blog but am afraid my posts would come about once a year! Love the picture from the party!


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