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Gratitude Journal

1. lovingly wrapped gifts

2. less lovingly wrapped gifts by goof-ball brother-in-laws

3. oven-to-tableware!

4. a new book of Mary Oliver poetry!

5. Green dresses for the girls!

6. Lovey giving me back the cake I lost last year

7. remembering

8. new families to share with

9. Lindt dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt- oh how it crackles in your mouth!

10. 2 cakes!

11. a 3 year old using cake decorating as a spelling lesson

12. “But Momma, I don’t have tireds in my belly, I have daytimes in my belly!” (in other words- no naps happening here)

13. children’s Motrin

14. Lovey’s flexible schedule

15. a 3 year old feeling better

16. a well-fitting bra

17. a well-fitting bra (as a nursing momma- it bears extra gratitude)

18. Quail chortles and vocal experimentations whenever they come- 1am, 3:30am, 5am…

19. a new shirt!

20. fried zucchini sticks

21. modern technology and asthma medications keeping a cold purely a cold (and not landing us in the hospital)

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