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Gratitude Journal

1. an on-line community

2. new friends

3. a cold being just a cold

4. too many clearances at work

5. time to take pictures of my little ones

6. the bridesmaid dress order being placed

7. the arrival of the shoes for the wedding

8. a neighbor sharing their lasanga

9. a friend getting a well deserved promotion

10. pigtails on a baby!

11. making valentimes

12. a 3 year old learning to spell

14. a 3 year old’s giggling excitement at the most ordinary of things

15. calling Lovey in the middle of the day just to say I love you (I guess Stevie Wonder had some insight!)

16. advocacy

17 turbinado sugar & sea salt coated dark chocolate almonds!

18 snow

19. pictures of the lil ones in snow

20. goody bags made

21. naps


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