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Happy 1st Birthday Quail!

Saturday we had the Quail’s first birthday party at our home! It was lovely and sweet and a good showing of our dear local friends joined in the festivities. The day was not without it’s follies: the tiny tiara was lost before it could even be worn, the cupcakes were turned upside down  by a certain 3 year old in her eagerness to share, about half of the invitees were unable to attend. The birthday girl was at her refluxy-prime from the beginning and asleep when her guests arrived and that certain 3 year old later “helped” her sister unwrap her gifts before a certain Momma could write down who the giftees came from. But all-in-all it was a lovely day. The weather was beautiful, the house was clean, the children were chipper, our dear Justine was engaging, the pizza’s were on time, the balloons and singing and frosted-Italian-creme-violet-topped-masterpieces all made the Birthday girl smile and chirp with joy! And the girls in their matching green party dresses were as lovely as the early spring day itself!

Thanks to everyone who helped out! We love you all and feel so blessed to be part of such a rich communityof friends and family!

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